Northlane Release ‘Eclipse’ + Announce Free Album Launch Show In Melbourne

Happy Alien Week! As we gear up for the release of Northlane‘s masterpiece Alien (our 10/10 review here) the guys are getting fans moist with anticipation by releasing their latest single ‘Eclipse‘  which our reviewer stated was:

“like something that could have been cooked up in the recording process of the band’s collaboration with PhaseOne. This is how you do Heavy Music x EDM right!”

The band’s decision to incorporate different (yet heavy) musical styles has worked wonders for them with this release with their industrial metal/EDM/synth blend sounding shit hot and proving that heavy bands can bring in elements of EDM music and still maintain their heavy sound. It’s like what BMTH did, only better!

On the song frontman Marcus Bridge says the track is yet again, about his absolutely difficult upbringing (a theme which is present throughout the entire album) and revealed:

Eclipse is an attempt to understand the reasons and motivations behind the things my father did. When everything else in his life went wrong, he took it out on my sister and I. It’s easy to say that he was just a bad father but it was a bit more complicated than that…”

He wanted to music video to reflect his experiences and added:

 “I had a very clear vision for the Eclipse video and Jason absolutely nailed it. To mirror the theme of the lyrics, I wanted the viewer to literally see the world through my father’s eyes. You see all the awful stuff we went through as children but also what led him to do those things. Like the Bloodline video, this will make some people uncomfortable but unfortunately this is a reality for a lot of people.”

The guys are also going to be playing a very special show in Melbourne at Yah Yah’s in Fitzroy to celebrate the release of the new album (ahead of their Alien Tour later this year) and this will be your ONLY CHANCE to ever see Northlane play in a venue this small. It’s taking place on Friday, August 2nd and it’s free entry, so make sure you get in early!

The Northlane hype train continues this week with Marcus Bridge co-hosting our Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall podcast chatting all about the album and his upbringing which inspired a lot of the heavy themes on it. Stay tuned for that.

Alien is out Friday via UNFD, Pre-Order it here

northlane yah yahs

Northlane – Alien Launch Show

Friday, August 2nd @ Yah Yah’s, Fitzroy – 8pm

Free Entry aka GET IN EARLY

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