Josh Lording – Boris The Blade ‘Cutting Deep on The Blade’s End’

When bands end up calling it a day, its a stressful time for both them, labels (if applicable) and most importantly, the fans who have dedicated their lives to following and appreciate (mostly) everything the musicians put out. But when that time does call for a farewell, the bands who have one last send off are remembered for year to come due to their dedication to playing one last time to their keen followers and that’s what we’re seeing with deathcore legends Boris The Blade, who are close to a decade are pulling the pin on the band and moving onto other aspects of life.

But not before one final party where they’ll be playing a whole bunch of shows across the country (and they even want you to help pick the setlist here), but before we say our teary goodbyes, we grabbed Josh Lording for a catch up on why they’re ending it, where they’re all going and what we can expect from these final shows…

Hey Josh thanks for taking the time out today, it’s such a shame for fans you’re all calling it a day. How long did it take for you all to come to terms with the news?

It was definitely something we all needed some time to process. Playing music and touring has been such a massive part of our lives for so long that it was hard to comprehend what we would do without it.

For those who missed the announcement, due to your personal lives and other interests taking over, you’re calling it a day on Boris The Blade. When did you realise it was heading that way?

We started talking about it and making the decision around that last half of 2018. Not an easy decision to make, but with everyone’s lives at the moment taking different directions ie: having children, buying businesses, building houses, it was a decision that needed to be made to benefit everyone’s situation. Nothing will take away what we have achieved with BTB but it was time for a new chapter in all of our lives.

Yeah, adulting sucks sometimes, but the good news from it all is you’ll be playing a few farewell shows before taking off. Fans are snapping up tickets as we speak so for them, how do you fit almost a decade of material into a farewell set? Have you got a plan in place already and any surprises?

Definitely some classics! I think we would just like to play a variety of song from all our releases. Fan favourites and our favourites. Maybe have some guest appearances lined up too…

Sounds like a great send off. The first show is in Sunbury, outside of Melbourne at the Alley Nightclub. Any particular reason why you’re kicking off the festivities there?

Sharpy, Coby and myself pretty much grew up together in Sunbury, from about 12-13 years old, going to shows and playing in local bands. Shows were great back then and Sunbury introduced us to the metal scene. The band also started at my old house in Sunbury and we have never played there. Seems fitting to lay it to rest where it all started, this is more of a personal show for us.

Yesss that is bloody beautiful and makes complete sense, such a fitting way to wrap it all up. Looking back on that career you shared the stage with some big name bands like Suicide Silence, Sepultura, Whitechapel, Bleeding Through, and All Shall Perish to name a few. What would you say was one of your most memorable tours throughout your time in the band?

I’ve definitely been able to tick some tour goals off the list. Sepultura was definitely a big tick. We grew up covering their songs, bands like that were massive influences to us growing up, good people too. Playing with bands like Oceano, Carnifex and Whitechapel, all those bands pretty much introduced me to the heavier side of deathcore when BTB was first starting.

I think one of the best memories was to be able to play New England Metal & Hardcore fest. We used to watch DVD’s of it as kids, we all wanted to one day play there. It is definitely one of my favourites experiences I’ve taken away from all of this.

I love those full circle stories too so well done on your achievements. Any crazy stories from the road that’ll make you NOT miss touring again?

I don’t think there’s anything that would make me not miss it, but I’m definitely looking forward to not being crammed into a hot smelly van full of dudes haha. There are heaps of stories, getting run off the road, smuggling people into other country’s, almost getting hire vans impounded, you name it. I had to sleep sitting up in the passenger seat for 10 days straight. But shit experiences usually lead to good stories, so if anything they will make me miss it more.

And those stories live on forever through interviews like this. Each member is off doing their own thing after this, are any of you looking at doing any other musical projects?

I personally need a break from everything. I’m sure ill continue to write songs in my own time, but definitely no projects for me. Sharpy has just had a baby so I imagine he has his hands full for a while. Coby is still doing some stuff with his Nu-Metal band he grew up in called Repture. Karl is currently playing drums in Gravemind and Brad is in a band called Cold Ground.

Being the last time fans will be able to see you guys on this upcoming tour, is there anything you want to say to them before the grab a ticket and head to a show?

None of the things I’ve been able to speak about here would have been possible if it wasn’t for everyone that has supported us, which we are eternally grateful for. We have been lucky enough to have such amazing people behind us over the years. Definitely grab a ticket and catch a show. We want to make this as memorable as possible, for not only us but for all the supporters of the band as well.

And how many tears will be shed at the final show in Alice Springs? hahaha

Definitely a few tears will be shed haha but I’d rather look at it like a celebration at everything we have been able to create and achieve as opposed to something sad. All good things come to an end and unfortunately this is ours.

Oh man, I just felt something then too haha any famous last words?

Grab a ticket and get to a show. We’re gonna take this out in true BTB fashion, it’ll be heavy, relentless and in your face.

Looking forward to it, thanks for the chat Josh!

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

Boris The Blade - Farewell Tour 2019

Boris The Blade – Final Australian Tour 2019

Saturday 6th April – Sunbury Alley Night Club Thursday

11th April – Canberra The Basement

Friday 12th April – Wollongong Rad Bar

Saturday 13th April – Sydney Crowbar

Wednesday 17th April – Ballarat The Eastern hotel

Friday 19th April – Warrnambool The Loft

Saturday 20th April – Adelaide Enigma Bar

Thursday 2nd May – Melbourne Workers Club

Friday 3rd May – Melbourne Evelyn Hotel – SOLD OUT

Saturday 4th May – Brisbane Crowbar

Sunday 5th May – Alice Springs Blackend Festival

Tickets Here

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