Scotty (Morrison) Doesn’t Know his website renewal expired, hilarity ensues

Scott Morrison is the Prime Minister of Australia (well this week anyway) and he had his own website at one point but unfortunately for Mr. PM, he forgot to renew it… cue the masterminding of Melbourne man Jack Genesin who jumped at the golden opportunity to buy it and pull off one of the most elaborate pranks of all fucking time, chucking a pic of our dear old Morrison alongside Lustra‘s 2004 hit song ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know‘ from the movie Eurotrip.

Now, unfortunately, it looks like higher power has gotten involved because the link to the site doesn’t work, however, thanks to our good mate Rory Swane from Lumberpunks in Brisbane, we’ve obtained footage of the prank in motion, take a look

Scotty (Morrison) Doesn’t Know his website renewal expiredFor those who can’t access the site anyore, this is what happened when Scott Morrison (ScoMo) forgot to renew his website… Jack Genesin for PM

Full Story:

🎥: Rory Swane from Lumber Punks Brisbane
#ScottyDoesntKnow Euro Trip #auspol LUSTRA

Posted by Wall Of Sound on Thursday, 18 October 2018

UPDATE: Since the story went viral Jack Genesin has reached out to us to offer his insights for what happened on that fateful day he bought the Prime Minister’s website, including how he was fielding calls all day and how the website cracked 20,000 hits in less than 6 hours. Catch up on that here

Jack Genesin for PM

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