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Pop Punk is very much alive in Australia with a thriving market of exceptional bands across the country just waiting for you to vibe to and one band that has been doing great things in the touring circuit by opening for the likes of The Wonder Years, Dream On, Dreamer, Man Overboard and Motion City Soundtrack as well as receiving national radio airplay is Brisbane act Satellites. The boys formed in 2013 and over the years have had a few line up changes (more notably former drummer Scott Eckel‘s incredible offer to join Trophy Wives MAKEOUT), but the one thing that has remained is the band’s driving force to make their mark on the music industry and they’re about to do that by taking off for a short but sweet tour to spread the word.

Front-man Mitch Chamberlain had a quick chat with us to put the word out about the upcoming gigs which see the boys head along the east coast from Brisbane to Sydney with a dose of Newcastle, the Gong, Melbourne and rAdelaide.

How did the tour idea come about mate?

“A young man named Bassy. He’s a longtime friend of the bands and he fronts Bukowski. I mean, I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure the idea was conjured up by him a long while ago.”

“Better Late Than Never. It’s perfect. Due to a few unfortunate reasons we haven’t toured since 2014 and funnily enough that tour was with Braves, who also haven’t toured Aus since then either. So to say we’re stoked would be an understatement.”

Your song ‘Home Sweet Home’ picked up a bit of traction when it was released, how was it getting such positive and glowing reviews? 

“Man, I was honestly so nervous to release it. [The last single] ‘Glass Jaw‘ got such a positive response and I was afraid of letting people down but everyone was so sweet with it. It’s been incredible! We’re so thankful for everyone sticking with us.”

Surely you’re backing it up soon with more new music? 

“We have a record ready…. and we’re fucking stoked on it! But that’s about all I can say just now.”

How much of that will we hear on tour? 

“We will be playing a brand new unreleased track on tour called “Thank You” and attendees will be taking it home with them for free. This single will not be available publicly and will be exclusively obtainable through attending a show on this tour. As a thank you. ❤”

You opened for the likes of The Wonders Years and Motion City Soundtrack recently, how was that? Did you pick up any advice from them?

“When I first started playing music, Motion City were just a mythical group dudes from a far away land playing dope tunes through my stereo, so opening for them was surreal. As were the other supports. You never imagine these dreams ever actually coming to fruition. So it’s pretty sick when they do.”

“With those sort of one off shows the chance to rub shoulders is rather rare. Besides the odd “Did you boys have a good time?”, “Your set was dope!”, “Help yourselves to our beer!” and “That chick your fellow band member is dating is hot, I’m going to try and fuck her.” you only really pick up things through observation. Treat people well, don’t take shit for granted, try your hardest to write sick music.”

For those who haven’t seen Sateez Live yet, why should they change it this tour? 

“This tour has been a longtime coming. This record has been a longtime coming. Braves are one of the best bands around and being from NZ doesn’t exactly allow them a lot of opportunity to get over here, Bukowski are some of our best friends and recently released an absolute banger of a track in “You’re Probably Gonna Hate This”. So everything is coming up Sateez and we’re on a completely other level of ‘stoked’. This tour is going to be a fun time.”

sateez live

You heard the man, grab yourself some tickets via the link below or grab some mates and get them on the door.


Better Late Than Never Tour

feat. Satellites, Braves and Bukowski

March 31 – BRISBANE – Crowbar (18+)

April 1st – BRISBANE – Foundry Records (AA)

April 2nd – SYDNEY – Valve Bar (18+)

April 5th – NEWCASTLE – Hamilton Station Hotel (18+)

April 6th – WOLLONGONG – Rad Bar (18+)

April 7th – MELBOURNE – Wrangler Studios (AA)

April 8th – ADELAIDE – The Bluebee Room (Licensed AA)

Click Attending Here

Pre-Sales are available on the Facebook event. All venues will have tickets on the door.

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