From Satellites to the Bright Lights of the United States – A Catch Up with Scott Eckel

Just over two weeks ago we broke the news Satellites drummer Scott Eckel had been given the opportunity of a lifetime, to head immediately over to the United States and link up with Rhode Island pop punk act Trophy Wives and begin what will be a whirlwind of events for the young musician and his new band. The boys had only just started recording a new album with producer John Feldmann and Eckel was demanded requested to fly over ASAP and get to work with the others in the studio. We caught up with Scott while he was briefly back in the country to spill all the details of his recent trip and what’s still to come…

in studio

Scott Eckel in studio with Trophy Wives and Producer John Feldmann

Firstly, welcome back to Australia man. The question we really want to know is how the fuck did you score a huuuge offer like that? 

Thanks man, I’m only back for a week but it’s great to catch up with family and friends, seeing as I literally packed up my life and jumped on a plane within 3 days of my audition. Okay so, I found once I was there that Feldy had asked Mike Ciprari (co-founder of SJC Custom Drums) about needing a drummer for this band he was developing, and he wanted a “Travis Barker“. Mike sent him my YouTube link and here we are haha. It’s crazy man. I guess all those years idolising the guy is starting to pay off? Time will tell.

So are you 100% now part of the band?

It’s weird, I’ve only known the guys for 2 weeks now, so I still feel like a fill in drummer. But I clicked straight away with these guys, and they treat me as a full time member, they’re incredibly welcoming. I was the 3rd drummer to come through the studio and I’m glad I could live up to their (and Feldy’s) expectations. 

Have you had any weird/interesting “I’m a celeb now” moments yet or is it still too early?

Haha it’s still way too early, but there have been a few moments where I’ve had to take a step back and just reevaluate what’s going on. The day I arrived in LA Feldy piled us into his self driving car, (like damn dude I didn’t even know they existed yet) and took us to Bonnie McKee‘s place in the Hollywood Hills for a party. Playing songs for record label CEO’s, to having Benji Madden look me dead in the eye at 5sos‘ sold out show at Madison Square Garden to say “what’s up”, and I genuinely thought he was looking at someone behind me. Throwing back tequila shots in Times Square at the after party with guys who recorded blink-182‘s latest #1 album. It’s all insane to me, 3 weeks ago I was playing local shows in Brisbane thinking that’s as far as music will ever take me. 

Tell us about the rest of the band? How did you guys get on? 

So there’s 4 of us. Travis (bass, backup vox) is probably the most motivated guy I’ve ever met, he’s set on getting things done no matter what. Sam (vocals, guitar), is a sweetheart and the baby of the group. He’s insanely talented, like no matter where the band takes us he’s going to be a star. Last but not least is Tyler (guitar, backup vox), he’s just a fun loving dude, happy ALL of the time. The guys are just super positive and really quite modest too, I don’t think they can believe what’s happening either.

trophy wives

Trophy Wives (from left to right): Travis (Bass/Backup Vocals), Sam (Vocals/Guitar), Tyler (Guitar/Backup Vocals), Scott (Drums)

You flew to the states to record Trophy Wives new album, did you get to contribute any input yourself?

Yeah so I got into the studio after only hearing about 3-4 demos within 2 days, and I was tracking the same day I flew in. Feldy and Sam were constantly writing the whole time I was there, like they had already been in the studio for a month but it was a non-stop process to get the songs right, which was amazing to witness. So really my job was to just learn and play to the best of my ability, and I got to add my own ideas throughout the whole process (50% of those ideas Feldy cut), he wanted me to keep it simple, but with my own feel.

scott & feldy

John Feldmann & Scott Eckel

What was it like working with Feldy?

He’s a workhorse, I swear he didn’t sleep. He was amazing to work with, as I mentioned he had me tracking the day I arrived after being awake for about 36 hours straight. Apparently that was a test and thankfully I got the job done and he didn’t send me home. At times I would learn a song, be ready to track and he’d pull up a session for a song I haven’t even heard and would say “We’re doing this one instead”, and just throw me in the deep end. I was sweating bullets just trying to impress the guy, so there’s a few tracks that will be on the album that I recorded on the fly. Personally I think that’s awesome, it actually represents the kind of person he is. He oozes positive vibes and it’s so infectious.

Any fanboy moments while recording in his studio/hanging out with him?

The entire time, there wasn’t one moment where I wasn’t freaking out a little bit haha. It’s Feldy! The studio is plastered in Gold and Platinum records from all of these bands I looked up to growing up, it’s hard not to be a fanboy at times.

You’re a big fan of Travis Barker and you got to use his drum kit… How did it feel smashing the same kit he has?

Since I was 11.. He’s been the biggest influence in my musical endeavours for so so long. So I really couldn’t believe I was sitting there laying down drum tracks on the very same kit he recorded “California” with, but you know, just nowhere near as good haha. We were actually at dinner and he gets a call from Travis while I was sitting there, and starts talking to him about my playing, suggesting that he would dig what I had been doing behind the kit and it was just way too surreal, that’s just not supposed to happen in my lifetime… And then he looks at me, Travis had a joke directed AT me and John was relaying it for him; “Do you like Imagine Dragons?” I reluctantly say yes, and Feldy snaps back with “Well, Imagine Dragon these balls across your face!” Everyone lost it and I went bright red haha. 

You got to perform for the first time with the band at Warped Tour, what was it like to play there?

It was really cool man, I’ve always wanted to visit Warped in the US and now I’ve played there. It was insanely hot, I had about 3 hours sleep from arriving in Boston from LA, and waited around for about 8 hours until our set.

vans warped - IG @dustoffdeano

Trophy Wives perform at Vans Warped Tour Boston. Pic: @dustoffdeano

Was the set well received?

It was kind of a local show for the boys so they had a lot of loyal fans waiting to watch them with this new sound and new lineup. We were competing with Sum 41 in that particular time slot but it was still crazy fun. We had ONE band rehearsal in the studio and I’m glad we held it together for the show.

Did you get to rub shoulders with any big acts?

Honestly I was too exhausted to really get around for the day but I had a lot of friends on the tour. I caught up with the boys in With Confidence, In Hearts Wake, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Mikey and Matty from A Loss For Words, and my buddies in State Champs. Was just a really good day, I’d love to do it again.

Whats next on the cards with the band?

Apart from the album, we have an 8 week tour of the US starting on the 29th of this month, which basically hits most major cities, so I’m pumped for that, but that’s about all so far. I don’t want to look too far ahead so just enjoying it as it comes. 

tour IG @alliesaurousrex

Trophy Wives will be on Tour across the United States this Friday. Pic @alliesaurousrex

Any Aussie tour plans yet? haha

Mate, I wish that was already on the horizon. If things work out for us I’m sure it will happen. I’d love to be able to tour this band down here and show them what’s up! Meat pies, footy, XXXX, the whole deal haha.

Since our chat, Scott has since flown back to the States to tour with Trophy Wives for the next 8 weeks across the country. Wishing him and the boys all the very best for what appears to be a very promising future. We’ll keep everyone updated on his story and future success. Until then Follow the shit out of the band below:

Facebook: Trophy Wives

Twitter: @trophywivesri

Rock the fuck out

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  1. Leonie Eckel // August 22, 2016 at 11:45 pm //

    Thankyou, for posting your interview on Scott. We (his mum & dad) love it. Hoping all his dreams come true, we think he deserves this break. Your a champ Browny.

    • brownypaul // August 22, 2016 at 11:49 pm //

      It’s my absolute pleasure Leonie. Known the boys for a few years now and I’m finally glad he’s scored a huge offer. He’ll go far

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