Betraying The Martyrs Announce Disbanding with Two-Track EP Godspeed

Betraying The Martyrs 2023 godspeed

Damnnnnnnnn! One of the most underrated bands in metalcore has made a heartbreaking announcement they’ll be calling it a day after 15 years. But they’re not riding off into the sunset without a final bang.

Frenchmen Betraying The Martyrs have announced they’re disbanding, citing COVID’s physical and mental strain as one of the reasons they’re ending their run. In a lengthy statement, the band shares,

“Betraying The Martyrs have decided to part ways. After a 15 years old very successful career that has seen the French band perform over 950 concerts throughout the whole world, BTM have decided to call it a day.  As we’ve always been, we’d like to remain transparent with you guys, who have been supporting us for all these years and through so many events. The world’s economical situation (during & right after Covid) took a massive toll on all of us, financially but also individually (physically and mentally) and we simply came to the conclusion that we don’t have the strength to move forward together.

For the past months, we have been struggling to function as a band, to make consensual, unanimous decisions and to all be able to look in the same directions. That being said, it is with a lot of emotions that we would like to present you our very last piece, a 7minutes-long music video that took us immense efforts in the making. A farewell gift for you all to enjoy. Watch & share the band’s final offering “The Veil” – out now everywhere and on all platforms. Thank you for all those beautiful years, we will cherish those memories spent together for the rest of our lives. BTM.”

The band has kept pretty quiet following the release of their Silver Linings EP last year. Their first to feature new frontman Rui Martins, who took control of the band’s vocal duties following the departure of Aaron Matts who left on good terms to focus on his nu-deathcore project ten56. 

After wowing crowds with their impressive return to form hit ‘Black Hole‘, the band played a bunch of shows bur sadly, couldn’t find the means to keep going. So, they’ve gifted us all with one final peace offering – a two-track EP titled Godpseed.

First up is ‘IRAE‘ – an instrumental opener that leads us down a dark and ominous path of heavy twists and soft turns before hell opens up for the final climax. This is the one breakdown simps will be losing their minds over once that thunderous bit hits. Next is ‘THE VEIL‘ which continues on with the piano sounds from ‘IRAE‘ before Rui draws us back in with his vocals before a proggy riff section blasts through the speakers. The djent is top notch, the screams are crisp and sound-wise – it doesn’t stray too far from their previous EP’s overall collection of tunes.

It usually takes new vocalists an album or two to comfortably fill the spot they’re taking over form, but Rui (in my opinion) really took this role into his stride and offered a missing piece of the puzzle that BTM needed. Do you like blockbuster metalcore soundtracks that grab your attention from start to finish? This is the one.

It’s a damn shame they’re calling it a day, and with a legacy of 15 years, there’s going to be a few sore heads today, but we wish the boys all the best for their future endeavours.

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

Betraying The Martyrs
2008 – 2023

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