Wall Of Sound’s 2023 EuroSound Song Contest Winner Announced

Wall Of Sound // EuroSound Content Vote 2023

And the winner is…

FRANCE – GOJIRA ‘Our Time is Now’


The French tech death metal legends take out our 2023 crown with their standalone single from October 2022.  They were heavily favoured coming in and appeared on the most number of eligible votes, scoring a total of 236 points to win.

Second place was taken by Swedish melodeath veterans In Flames with ‘State of Slow Decay’. They were neck and neck with Gojira for much of the final three days. It marked the second top 3 finish for Sweden after Ghost performed strongly in our 2022 edition.

Third was a surprisingly strong finish for goth icon Ville Vallo from Finland. His tune ‘Neon Noir’ actually scored the most first-place votes (5 points) but not enough minor point placings to trouble the top 2. The top 5 are rounded out by UK metalcore heroes Architects with the industrial flavoured ‘tear gas’ and surprisingly strong finishers Epica, whose collaboration with Charlotte Wessells and Myrkur overtook Poland’s Behemoth.

Thank you to everyone who voted this year – we surpassed the total number of voters from last year. There is a heap of great bands across Europe and looking forward to finding new contestants for 2024.

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Word: KJ Draven (Twitter and Instagram).

Full results below.

Song Total points
France – Gojira ‘Our Time is Now’ 236
Sweden – In Flames ‘State of Slow Decay’ 228
Finland – Ville Vallo ‘Neon Noir’ 199
England – Architects ‘tear gas’ 170
Netherlands – Epica ‘Sirens – Of Blood and Water’ (ft. Charlotte Wessels & Myrkur) 166
Poland – Behemoth ‘Ov My Herculean Exile’ 133
Germany – Lord of the Lost ‘Blood & Glitter’ 124
Norway – Darkthrone ‘Impeccable Caverns of Satan’ 112
Ukraine – Defiant ‘Final Stand’ 99
Scotland – Hellripper ‘The Nuckelavee’ 85
Italy – Frozen Crown ‘Fire in the Sky’ 63
Greece – Planet of Zeus ‘Sworn to Avenge’ 43
Austria – Oceans ‘Home’ 31
Spain – Rancor ‘Bury the World’ 28
Belgium – Brutus ‘Brave’ 28
Denmark – Cabal ‘Magno Interitus’ (ft Joe Bad) 19
Czech Republic – Alkehol ‘Lehce nad věcí’ 17