Defiler’s Jake Shaw Really Needs Our Help; America’s Health System is Failing

Defiler 2022

A couple of years ago, we shared the health battle of Defiler‘s Jake Shaw who couldn’t catch  a break from his Pancreatic Necrosis diagnosis. Whilst having successfully received treatment for his symptoms and more (with significant pancreatic improvements since), Shaw is still undergoing a series of linked issues, with things seemingly getting worse with the perpetuation of The U.S.’ remarkably struggling and limited health system.

Recently, some of the costs the vocalist has incurred and needs to pay for in order to receive treatment includes: medications, referrals to specialists like cardiologists and neurologists, MRIs and other tests and most concerningly a serious heart condition. These recent costs are on top of a number of health issues Shaw is experiencing, including  an auto immune-disorder.

In order to get on top of some of these crippling symptoms, Shaw needs help from the heavy music community to get on top of some of this stuff and here’s what he’s offering.

There is an unreleased Defiler track titled ‘Old Friends‘ which you’ll have the opportunity to stream if you can donate a small amount to Shaw. Here’s how it works – the amount you donate according to the Tiers below, will get you more and more Defiler goods.


When donating via the links below, be sure to include your email address with your donation tier so Jake can get in contact with you and get you your Defiler content. 

Here’s how you can donate:

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Wall of Sound are sending the most positive vibes possible to Jake and the Defiler boys, their families and fans.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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