Make Them Suffer Unleash Hell On New Era Tune ‘Ghost Of Me’

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The new era of Make Them Suffer is right now. As we crawl out of the How To Survive a Funeral holding pattern that we’ve both never wanted to end, and equally wanted to see what’s succeeding it, we got a sliver of the future with their ‘Doomswitch‘ return, including post-Covid keyboardist Alex Reade.

Whilst it’s been almost a year since we caught frontman Sean Harmanis, we’re hanging on his comments about going passionately heavy and with brand new single ‘Ghost Of Me‘, he’s retained his credibility.

From dazzling Aussie fans on their quick Doomswitch Australian tour run last October with with GravemindStarve and Dark Matter – to a cheeky Melbourne show with Spiritbox and Reliqa ahead of Knotfest Australia, the SharpTone/Greyscale Perthies are going all out at the end of this month with their 10 Year Neverbloom Tour with Fit For An Autopsy and Ocean Sleeper, concurrent to their Unify: Off The Record performances.

So, there’s a bit going on, but right now we ought to focus on this new tune. ‘Ghost Of Me‘ just premiered and it might just be their biggest track to date, ever. The drums immediately sound heavier than ever before with Harmanis ripping straight into his deepest growls with delicious metalcore synths screeching and Reade adding in her own yells. The band introduce Bring Me The Horizon influenced technical and vocal components with raspy cleans, incredibly resonant of Oli Sykes. Earnestly, ‘Ghost Of Me‘ is where Make Them Suffer become an arena band.

On the new single, Harmanis comments:

“We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest single, Ghost Of Me. The new song marks a significant step in the evolutionary process of MTS’ sound, showcasing our dedication to exploring new sonic territories. Designed to complement high-energy live performances, this single promises to be a visually explosive and unforgettable experience for our followers.”

“Ghost Of Me is about feeling a sense of betrayal and abandonment and the negative and flawed emotions that come with that experience; bitterness, resentment and anger.”

Stop everything and listen to Make Them Suffer level the fuck up!!!

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘Ghost Of Me‘ here

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