Introducing: Norwegian Melodic Metalcore Band ATENA with New Thumper ‘Poison Pure’

ATENA poison pure 2023

We’ve been getting down with the Euro bands lately, because there’s some fire talent coming through the airwaves with bands such as Dutch metalcore upcomers Endeavour, and Swedish core giants AVIANA to name a couple, but to the west in Oslo, Norway, we’re taking a look at a new melodic metalcore band that’s made their way into our peripherals!

The band is ATENA and they’re an atmospheric, melodic metalcore four-piece with a song akin to that of Holding Absence and Thousand Below with a dash of Twenty-One Pilots – both of which tore up stages within the past year down under, scoring new Australian fans in the process.

This new discovery are set to do the same, especially with frontman Jakob Skogli‘s alluring vocal performance on new song ‘Poison Pure’; combined with his yells, the combo gel smoothly amongst the instrumentals around him.

On the new release, the band states:

“The essence of the song revolves around toxic attachments to people, objects, drugs, or any other form of addiction. As members of the band, we are all too familiar with the experience of being hooked on something, and it’s a complex feeling to look forward to indulging in that thing at the end of the day – knowing that it’s not good for us, but brings temporary pleasure nonetheless. The song explores this bittersweet sensation of craving something that’s ultimately detrimental to our well-being.”

Is it toxic to like a new band this much? If so, sign us up for therapy! ATENA‘s new album Subway Anthem is set for release September 29 via Indie Recordings. Stay tuned for more.

ATENA is Vebjørn Iversen (guitar), Jakob Skogli (vocals), Ulrik Linstad (bass) and Fredrik Kåsin (drums)

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