Spotlight: Getting to Know Endeavour With Ripper New Track ‘Aimless’

Endeavour 2023

Our favourite new Dutch band Endeavour are back! You might remember their sexy track ‘Blur‘ from last month, and if you liked what you heard you’re at the right place. Today, the  progressive metalcore five-piece are sharing another new single called ‘Aimless‘, which’ll have you pulling another stank-face.

The track is crunchy and nods to an older Northlane style with gruff uncleans coupled with beautiful clean harmonies. Technically, Endeavour are here to impress on ‘Aimless‘. With perfectly tuned guitars for the direction, this band from the Netherlands completely nail the sub-genre intersection. We love what these guys are doing so much, we had a chat with the band all about ‘Aimless‘ and ‘Blur‘ and everything else coming up.

New single ‘Blur’ was phenomenal – fans got a taste of what this band is all about. Is it what they can expect on upcoming singles too?

Thank you for the kind words. The contrast that characterises ‘Blur’ can be found in ‘Colourblind’ (out 19 of May) as well. There’s songs on the album that go even further with this concept. ‘Blur’ does, in a way, feel like a mixture of what people can find on the album. It isn’t the heaviest song, but it isn’t the softest one either. The vocal layering you can hear in it is something you can expect in other songs on the album as well.

Today we’ve got ‘Aimless’ to share with the world, tell us a bit about that track and what it was like putting it together?

This track opens up with a really cool bouncy riff. The chorus opens the song up both rhythmically and harmonically. ‘Aimless’ gives the album a heavier side that we feel benefits the overall listening experience of the album.

How would you differentiate ‘Blur’ and ‘Aimless’?

‘Aimless’ definitely shows a heavier side to our songwriting throughout the whole song. It is probably one of the heavier songs from our upcoming album For The Time Being.

Speaking of For The Time Being, this is your debut album out in June – how exciting is that? Is it a bit surreal?

Yeah, it is exciting for sure! We’ve learned a lot throughout the whole process of writing this album and are eager to share the results of that journey with everyone!

After hearing ‘Aimless’ today, will fans get to hear a couple more before the record is out?

We’ll be releasing one more single before the release of our album. ‘Colourblind’ will be out on 19 May.

Let’s go back a few steps and share with our readers a bit more about the band. How did Endeavour get started?

Gijs (Smeets; vocalist) and Anthony (Scheijen; rhythm guitarist) started out in a cover band when they were around 14 or 15. We slowly started gravitating towards heavier music while the other band members wanted to stick to rock and pop punk. We then founded Endeavour a couple of years later, found a bassist, a drummer and another guitarist. After changing all members (except for our bassist), we ended up with our current line-up: 

Vocals: Gijs Smeets
Rhythm Guitar: Anthony Scheijen
Lead Guitar: Rob Heyen
Bass: Jan te Velde
Drums: Teun Wolfs

We started writing our album For The Time Being around 2020. It’s been an amazing experience and we’re excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on.

Who are some of Endeavour’s influences?

Our influences have changed quite a bit throughout our time writing this album. But the biggest influences were probably Bad Omens, Sleep Token and Northlane.

Finally, what else can we expect from For The Time Being, out this June?

People can expect a varied collection of songs that create an eclectic listening experience. It definitely isn’t the heaviest metalcore album you’ve heard, but there’s contrast that creates unexpected moments!

Check out the new single below and look out for the video premiere.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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