Kublai Khan TX Return With Vicious New Track ‘Theory of Mind’

Kublai Khan TX 2023

About a year ago, Kublai Khan TX dropped bellowing EP Lowest Form Of Animal, which included some huge singles like ‘Loyal To None‘, ‘Resentment‘ and ‘Swan Song‘ featuring Scott Vogel of Terror.

Enter 2023 and the Sherman hardcore band are back with some new terror. New single ‘Theory of Mind‘ suggests a new journey for the four-piece, however too early to call it on whether a consecutive EP #2 is on the horizon or a follow-up LP to Absolute from 2019.

Either way, let’s bounce. “Monkey see, monkey do, so who the fuck made you?Matt Honeycutt purges before the Kublai Khan throwdown orchestra begins. To not headbang in the first minute of this song might be an international crime for the United Nations to deal with. The quartet will have you bouncing and ready to redecorate your home, viciously. The decent four-minute duration sustains the power all the way through leaving you stunningly angry.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Kublai Khan TX – ‘Theory of Mind‘ here

Kublai Khan TX Theory of Mind

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