Boris The Blade’s Sharpy is Back With The Bullet Dodger, Debuting ‘The Iceman’

It’s been three years since we farewelled Dan ‘Sharpy’ Sharp‘s decimating deathcore outfit Boris The Blade, reigning from Sunbury, Victoria (final gig review here). The brutal group released smashing records like The Human Hive and Warpath, winding up with Infernum ahead of their 2019 split.

Sharpy and the band were renowned across the heavy music world, so the disbandment was devastating for fans. You might still be spinning some of their baddest material, we sure are. However, whilst the mourning for Boris The Blade is everlasting, it seems like Sharpy has been getting back in the studio.

If you’ve seen the 2000 crime comedy film, Snatch, you’ll know the band name Boris The Blade is based on movie character and antagonist Boris Yurinov. What you might’ve also picked up is that he’s also known as The Bullet Dodger; enter Sharpy’s next chapter.

On Facebook and Instagram, you can find The Bullet Dodger, teasing the new outfit and they’ve now premiered debut single ‘The Iceman‘. Opening eerily with sirens and an incremental gear-up, eventually the background ceases for Sharpy to burst in with “The Ice Man mother fucker!” You can just tell this is going to be disgustingly heavy.

The Iceman‘ is an unrelentless slam deathcore track from front-to-back and Boris The Blade fans are going to want to hear this. The final breakdown (as teased over the past month) goes so hard, you’ll have it on repeat all day.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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The Bullet Dodger Ice Man

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