Boris The Blade – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 8th April @ The Alley Lounge & Nightclub, Sunbury VIC

Boris the Blade
The Alley Lounge & Nightclub, Sunbury, VIC
6th April, 2019
Supports: AWOL and Planet X

Wall of Sound took a bit of an excursion over to Sunbury, just under an hour out of Melbourne. Of course we were heading that way to catch the first leg of the almighty Boris the Blade farewell tour. The boys have a huge tour booked and after that, they’re calling it a day.

The gig was held at a small nightclub in Sunbury, and got us prepped for the live music with your A-B-C of nightclub checkboxes. Photo ID technology at the door – tick, DJ playing Nelly – tick, free drink cards – tick and coloured trance video screen – tick; we were wondering if we were in the right place. The confusion continued when the opening band for one of Australia’s most brutal bands, was Planet X, a rock and roll pub cover band. The group took us through not one, but two AC/DC tracks, Guns N Roses, Blur, and well, you know the rest. The band sounded perfect for a Sunday arvo at the pub, but I’m afraid they were playing at the wrong gig on this night. Let’s see what’s up next, we thought?

It was a very interesting crowd, with a venue that had restroom signs that read “two persons found in one toilet stall will be immediately removed” – this was becoming quite a cultural experience for us. The near-sold out venue was ready for the next cab-off-the-rank, a local band called AWOL. It was the band’s first show according to their Facebook page. Their sound was a bit thrashy with the vocalist reading off a lyric book on-stage, that’s something we’ve definitely never seen before. Another thing we haven’t seen is a band thanking all the other bands but saying “thanks to Planet X but not really our cup of tea”. An interesting thing to say about your local brethren we thought? We can only assume the band were from Sunbury as the crowd seemed quite familiar with the musicians. A small circle-pit on the sticky club dancefloor erupted, which started to feel a bit more like a metal gig.

Repture we have decided to censor and not mention in this piece due to the behaviour of their frontman who made some questionable comments during their set. We can only hope they learn the error of their ways and rectify their on-stage presence at any future shows. – Editor

Surely, the night’s events were worth the wait for Boris the Blade, who were placed to play their final show in their hometown. The band launched on stage with an intro backing track to ‘Jump Around’ which got people very keen. As soon as the band started playing, the roof almost rose off the venue. The production just went up by 110% and the bass was just about shattering the nightclub windows – Boris the Blade were back and giving it their all.

The band blistered through massive tracks with bone-crushing breakdowns, deeply tuned for Satan to head-bang to. Hits ranged from their back catalogue from albums like ‘The Human Hive’ and ‘Warpath’ with the title track blowing up. Front-man Sharpy was overflowing with energy, banging his chest and climbing up the venue speakers to reach all corners of the nightclub.

We’re definitely going to miss live shows from this monster deathcore group who have taken the nation (and world) by storm. Make sure you catch them one last time on this trip across our great southern land…

Review by Staff Writer.

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Photo Gallery by Sean Fabre-Simmonds. Insta: @gravy_havock
Please credit Wall of Sound and Sean Fabre-Simmonds if you use published photos

Boris The Blade

boris the blade tour

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