Poppy Pops Back Into Our Lives with ‘Church Outfit’

poppy church dress

Our love affair with the Grammy Nominated artist Poppy extends all the way back to her breakthrough single ‘X‘ which dropped in 2018 and changed the landscape of heavy music for good.

From there she teamed up with the likes of Fever 333 and Sumerian Records – where she released two albums, I Disagree and Flux – on top of making her Australian debut at Good Things Festival and that infamous Melb sideshow.

Now, she’s not only back in our lives, but back on the label that saw the potential in her we saw all those years ago and founder Ash Avildsen couldn’t be happier:

“The only thing more exciting than signing an iconic artist for the first time is signing them again, when they choose to return home. Poppy is a pioneer and lover of music, film, pro-wrestling, the unorthodox and the avant-garde. That is why I believe Sumerian is still the best label in the world for her. We are thrilled to have her back.”

Let’s take a look at ‘Church Outfit‘. It’s not your typical HEAVY sounding poppy, but it borders on the rockier side of alternative music with Pop singing about being buried in the dress she’s wearing. The music video is artsy AF and what you’d expect visuals for the track to look and feel like. It’s kinda giving me reality Britney Spears vibes – you know, with her loose social media posting videos, where you’re not sure if she’s pleading for help, or just being lost in her own world. It’s a decent return to form that has us excited for her future yet again.

I mean, not many artists can say they’re the first-ever solo female artist to be nominated for the Best Metal Performance Grammy, but she did can hold that status high above her head. if this is the start of a glorious comeback, sign us up!

Relive Poppy on our Good People Doing Good Things Special podcast here

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