Poppy takes out the biggest WTF moment this week with her bloody heavy pop-metal single ‘X’

Every now and then we come across music that catches our attention for one of two reasons… the song is a complete waste of studio time and should never have seen the light of day OR it’s terribly bad, but like Stockholm syndrome, it’s captivating enough to draw you in… That’s how I felt when I heard Poppy‘s new song ‘X‘.

For those of you wondering what/who we’re talking about, Poppy is a YouTube sensation foremost (whose videos have had over 370 Million views, which is insane!!!), and she’s also a singer with a voice that could send chills up your spine. On top of all of that she just released her new album Am I a Girl? on October 31st… but don’t go rushing out to buy it just yet, because it’s an interesting blend of different music genres like EDM and Pop, but the fifth single in question is the one that caught us out.

Featuring a conflicting contrast between light-hearted indie-pop and blisteringly brutal heavy metal (with a video clip to match), you’ll be left scratching your head afterward before jumping back in for another listen and another and so on… well I did.

Think of the sweet and innocent stylings of Babymetal, then imagine them singing about being covered in blood and shooting bullets and you won’t be too far off what this song is about. So, take a look at what I’m calling this week’s biggest WTF? moment

Also, I also hear Pricey from The Faction is a really big fan too, head over to their Facebook Page and request it.. don’t tell him I sent you though haha

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