Poppy Performed A New Song Called ‘EAT’ At The Grammys

The Grammys took place overnight and heavy music got a little more recognition than previous years with both Body Count scoring the award for Best Metal Performance (yewww I called it back in November 2020) and pop-metal sensation Poppy also performing live at the event.

We all wondered what she’d take to the stage with… would it be ‘I, Disagree‘, ‘X‘, ‘Concrete‘ or ‘Scary Mask‘… boy were we wrong! She debuted a new song called ‘EAT‘ and goddamn it sounds soooo good! Combining those heavy riffs and instrumentals (now with two additional members) that she brought to Good Things Festival back in 2019, alongside her distorted screams and cute/clean vocals, Poppy tore up the stage and I guarantee all of the mainstream plebs in attendance would have been left wondering WTF? they just watched!

Heavy music in the mainstream world… it may be small but it’s a significant start! Next year, let’s see Architects performing live yeah?

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