Kentucky’s Cohen Return with Frenetic Duo of Singles & Upcoming EP LIMINAL SPACES

Cohen 2023

Kentucky’s strongest export is back, and let us tell you… it’s anything but bourbon! No… not fried chicken, either… As distraught and downcast as ever, Cohen has emerged from the gloom, breaking months of stony silence with the release of two pulverising new singles, ‘HEAVEN‘ and ‘IVORY TOWER‘ (the latter in collaboration with CMD81).

The new release marks their third offering since last year’s debut LP Happy.WAV and their first of the new year. We dove into ‘HEAVEN‘ and will leave ‘IVORY TOWER‘ to you to dissect. The former track finds this caustic quintet flirting with a darker, anxious sound; blunting the bellicose fury of metalcore with just a touch of precision, this frenetic style of songwriting acts as the perfect complement to the melancholic themes at hand.

Opening with a drum sample that’s been compressed to high heaven, this crushing anthem wastes no time, pummeling the audience from the get! Calling to mind mainstays like Alpha Wolf, Currents and Varials, an erratic rotation of haunting refrains, cyclone blast-beats and violent breakdowns–speaks to the depth and dexterity of Cohen’s evolving identity. Marred–ever so slightly–by a restless, unfocused sense of structure, it’s exciting nonetheless to find this group in such a vibrant period of musical growth and self-discovery.

Warning: side-effects of listening may include prolonged headbanging, so be sure to medicate with the freshly announced forthcoming EP LIMINAL SPACES, available to stream on March 24 via Blood Blast Distribution.

Words by Thomas Hiscock

Stream ‘HEAVENhere and ‘Ivory Towerhere

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Cohen Liminal Spaces

CohenLIMINAL SPACES tracklisting


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