Introducing: Cohen, Happy.wav Album Incoming

Cohen Closed Casket Review

There’s nothing quite like adding another metalcore item to our shelf, and if you’ve been a long-time reader, you’ll know we only add the good ones. Having kept an eye on Kentucky band Cohen over the past little while, it’s clear that there’s something special emerging in the breakdown waters.

Cohen entered streaming platforms with ground-breaking EP Suffer, a six-track release that blew the socks off many. With a Sworn In (The Death Card era) style, the U.S. outfit kept up the momentum with single ‘No Rainbow‘ which is where Cohen really stepped it the f*ck up. A second single has now emerged for the year, this one titled ‘Closed Casket‘.

Along with the single, Cohen have announced a new record, titled Happy.wav, out 25 March, 2022. If ‘Closed Casket‘ is anything to by, it’s going to be one wild record. Following on with their chaotic emotive metalcore style, Cohen deliver a completely animalistic single that’ll have you listening back on all their tunes.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Cohen – ‘Closed Casket’ here and
Pre-order Happy.wav here

Cohen Happy.wav preorder

Cohen – Happy.wav tracklisting:

1. I Am…
2. Fix
3. The Old Me
4. Dramatist (feat. Tyler Dennen)
5. No Rainbow
6. Impend
7. Ache (feat. McCall Key)
8. Lovesick
9. Filthy, Perfection
10. Closed Casket
11. Hindsight
12. …Happy
13. Bad Habits
14. Flymouth

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