Distant Share Powerful Heritage Title Track Feat. Will Ramos

Distant Will Ramos

We’re only a day away from Dutch down-tempo/deathcore outfit Distant dropping highly anticipated record Heritage via Century Media Records. Ideally, it’d be worth waiting to hear their final amazing single but it’s just too good to wait. The five-piece have shared the title-track ‘Heritage‘ featuring no other than Lorna Shore‘s Will Ramos.   

The new single follows on from ‘Orphan of Blight‘ and of course the impeccable ‘Argent Justice‘, featuring (take a breath) vocalists Eddie Herminda of Suicide SilenceFrankie Palmeri of EmmureTomáš Klár of Abbie FallsMarcus Jasak and Kevin Petersen of AcraniusMike GreenwoodCasey Tyson-Pearce and Colton Bennet of AngelMakerKyle Medina of BodysnatcherAndreas Bjulver of CABALJohnny Ciardullo and Andrew Baena of CarcosaDan Tucker of Crown MagnetarMarc Zelli of PalefaceAaron Matts of ten56. & Devin Duarte of Worm Shepherd.

Whilst ‘Argent Justice‘ knocked our socks off, this one might just do the same with a feature from a man who arguably has the same horsepower as twelve vocalists combined. ‘Heritage‘ smacks you in the face immediately with aggressive blast-beats and operatic thunder. Frontman Alan Grnja gets things started, but alternates between Ramos who really brings his a-game. The fire from the two together is palpable and makes for such a sweetly brutal single. Bring on this record.

On the single, Distant comments:

“‘Heritage’, the title track from the newest Distant album, is a playful and colorful track featuring Will Ramos from Lorna Shore. “‘Heritage’ is a breathtakingly heavy track yet still emotional, with a huge chorus and pace to last you for days, showcasing the diversity of our Dutch/Slovak collective! “At last, the father and son cross blades; during this exhausting battle, they remember the times forgotten as the clash of their blades sparks new light and brings up the twisted revelation of this catastrophic deception.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘Heritage‘ feat. Lorna Shore‘s Will Ramos here

Pre-save/order Heritage here

Distant Heritage

Distant – Heritage tracklisting

1. Acid Rain
2. Paradigm Shift
3. Born of Blood
4. The Grief Manifest
5. Exofilth
6. Argent Justice feat. Suicide Silence, Emmure, Abbie Falls, Acranius, Angelmaker, Bodysnatcher, Cabal, Carcosa, Crown Magnetar, Paleface, ten56. & Worm Shepherd
7. The Gnostic Uprising
8. A Sentence to Suffer
9. Human Scum
10. Heritage feat. Will Ramos
11. Orphan Of Blight
12. Plaguebreeder

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