Carcosa Are Uncaged on New Track ‘Born to Lose’

Carcosa 2023

Last year we introduced another deathcore band to our rotation, and there must be something in the waters in Canada – because both Brand of Sacrifice and Carcosa are releasing new tunes today. Anyway, quick recap on Carcosa, which includes TikTokers Johnny Ciardullo (also of AngelMaker) and Andrew Baena.

In 2022 we we were dazzled with debut LP album Anthology with some big features and then they wound up the year with singles ‘Nihilus‘ and ‘Restless‘. A third single in this new era has emerged and it’s called ‘Born to Lose‘ and you’ll want to hit play on that bad-boy as soon as you can.

Carcosa have dropped some seriously heavy sh*t with this new one and it’s influenced by a lot of awesome sounds we’re familiar with. With an alternation between high and low uncleans, the band groove through the chaos with something building in the background. At the mid-point, the vocals elevate to eye-boggling heights and then they switch into a Thy Art is Murder-esque form with a breakdown preceded by the lyrics “watch you suffer“.

The deathcore community need to keep these guys on the radar, they’re about to explode after tracks like this.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Carcosa – ‘Born to Lose‘ here

Carcosa Born to Lose

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