Introducing: Carcosa with New-Age Deathcore Release ‘Restless’

Carcosa 2023

It’s a good day when another modern deathcore band gets added to your rotation. Introducing: Carcosa from Vancouver, Canada. The band consists of TikTokers Andrew Baena and Johnny Ciardullo, with the latter also playing guitar in AngelMaker, who released new album Sanctum (our review here).

Last year, Carcosa released debut album Anthology, featuring some hot deathcore names like Left To Suffer‘s Taylor Barber, Ov Sulfur‘s Ricky Hoover and Brand of Sacrifice‘s Kyle Anderson – to name a few. Now the new-age heavyweights are showing the world what else they’ve got in store. They started the year off with ‘Nihilus‘ which showcased their technical/symphonic deathcore style.

A second song has now emerged called ‘Restless‘. The two-minute release takes no prisoners with its speed-death kick-start where they almost define crust-deathcore. The second minute is basically a prolonged breakdown with slicing riffs and squeal-vocals that cause so much tension you’ll be tearing the carpets apart.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Carcosa – ‘Restlesshere

Carcosa Restless

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