Enter Shikari Debuts New Track ‘Bull’ feat. Cody Frost

As Enter Shikari continue their dive down the rabbit hole of experimental sounds, we’re met with their next taste of new music following the release of ‘The Void Stares Back‘ alongside Wargasm back in August – which went OFFFF during the band’s recent trip down under (our Brisbane coverage here).

Now the drum and bass feels are the main focal point for ‘Bull‘, an orgy of synth/EDM sounds with Cody Frost‘s alluring vocals throughout tag-teaming with frontman Rou Reynolds. Shikari prove with this one that they are one of the hardest bands to categorise, sure they started out at post-hardcore way back in the day, but now, they’re literally making music that’s so fluid, you never know what to expect next.

Rou explains that Cody Frost was always front of mind to provide the additional vocals for ‘Bull‘ as he states:

“When I was writing the chorus to Bull I could just immediately hear their voice. It seemed ingrained in the very viscera of the song already. We showed them the track and they came at us with all the passion in the world. Cody has incredible dynamic ability and is able to offer enormous power but with real vulnerability and tenderness never too far away. It was a joy to have them on this one, it all came together so effortlessly and we are all over the moon with the result.”

On their inclusion on the track, Cody (a long time Enter Shikari fan) revealed:

“I can’t tell you how much this collab means to me, and it came at just the right time. I’d been through a hard breakup and lost everything, so when Rory messaged me asking if I wanted to be on a Shikari track, I lost my mind! I’ve been a huge fan of Enter Shikari since I was 15, I even have my favourite track title tattooed on my palms. When I got the news I sat in my room for hours and the lyrics just poured out, I went into the studio with Dan (Weller), who has worked with me on my own music and some of Shikari’s too, to lay down the vocals while the band listened! Filming the video was a dream, my favourite musicians serving me pies!!! It was surreal, and the concept was so fun I just know that Shikari fans are gonna dig it.”

What’s next for them? Another album to follow up 2020’s Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible? Or maybe they’ll release singles until they’ve taken that record around the world (like they currently are).

Either way, much like the energiser bunny, they’re not stopping any time soon…

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