ten56. Return From Euro Festival Circuit with Dual Tracks ‘Trauma Doll’ & ‘RLS’

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Around six months ago, ten56. immediately returned with their ‘Yenta‘, their heaviest track yet. This came right after the success of their debut EP Downer Pt. 1 with tracks like ‘Boy‘, and ‘Sick Dog‘. After leaving Betraying The Martyrs, vocalist Aaron Matts started this amazing nu-deathcore project and since their 2022 single, they have been obliterating the Europe festival circuit.

Matts is joined by bandmates Betraying The MartyrsSteeves Hostin, Arnaud VerrierLuka Garotin and Quentin Godet. We learned from Matts that Downer Pt. 2 is obviously on the cards in our exclusive interview with him last year, but we haven’t heard anything since. Well, today ten56. have shared two brand new tracks ‘Trauma Doll’ and ‘RLS‘ and we’re wondering whether these and ‘Yenta‘ will both make it onto the aforementioned and unannounced EP.

Either way, NEW TEN56.! Let’s check it out. ‘Trauma Doll‘ delivers on the ferocious recipe we’ve been craving with two minutes of absolute hell of echoing and pounding bass, going harder than ever on the nu-deathcore style. Whereas, ‘RLS‘ – or ‘Resting Leg Syndrome‘ goes down this brand new emo rap Juice WRLD inspired path that we’ve never heard before. You can it out for yourself in the combined music video below, but you’ll only be able to stream ‘Traumadoll‘ for now (see below). We’ll keep you posted on when ‘RLS‘ is streaming.

On the new releases, Matts comments:

“We never want to give anyone a chance to put ten56. in a pigeonhole, the things we’ve done until this moment are the things that people already know we are capable of, and our plan going forward is always to keep adding to our repertoire. Our sound is our identity, but the possibilities in which we express ourselves within it are endless” 

“‘Traumadoll’ and ‘RLS’ speak about the lows I have experienced with substance abuse and the consequences of self medicating without seeking professional help. I hope that by being completely honest with my band mates, fans and anyone else who comes across this track, I can encourage those in similar positions to open up and seek help. If you are in need of psychological help, please speak to someone. 

Thanks for the support.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ten56. – ‘Trauma Doll’/ ‘RLS‘ here

ten56. Traumadoll

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