ten56. Surge Upwards With ‘Yenta’

ten56. Yenta review

Can you believe you’re reading news about new music from ten56. already? They grow up so fast. Bit of catch-up first (you love it and we know it): after leaving Betraying The Martyrs, Aaron Matts started a stupidly heavy new band called ten56., who released their eye-wateringly heavy debut EP Downer Part 1. (our review here) including wild singles like ‘Boy‘, and ‘Sick Dog‘. By the way, don’t stress about Betraying The Martyrs as they’ve got a new vocalist and are back in a big way – get a feel for it with ‘Black Hole‘.

Matts is joined by bandmates Arnaud VerrierNicolas DelestradeLuka Garotin and Quentin Godet from bands like Kadinja, Uneven Structure and Novelists FR (who also have new music out this week). We got to hear all about Matts’ vision with the band in an exclusive interview (read about it here), and we’re stoked to see that ten56. just played their very first show in Paris a few nights ago where they got to play their EP plus brand new single ‘Yenta‘, which has now been premiered for the world to hear.

Here’s what Matts had to say about this new one:

“Yenta isn’t a person or a particular situation, nor is it ‘gender-specific’; yenta to me is more of an emotion, something that I’ve felt before and couldn’t describe with one word. ‘Yenta’ really jumped out at me because of the way it reads, I find the word fascinating, and I’m sure that everyone has felt this level of hate at one point in their lives, or is it just me? *laughs*”

Yenta‘ may just be the most animalistic track ten56. have released to date. Leaning further into that nu-deathcore style, Matts channels the most badass gangster rapper persona, whilst the band decimates the sound barrier with stupidly beastly riffs and blast-beats that’ll make your tear up. This could be one of the wildest tracks I’ve heard so far this year. Oh, and the single is best consumed with the flame-infused video clip below.    

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ten56. – ‘Yentahere

ten56. Yenta review

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