EXCLUSIVE: Aaron Matts Propels ten56. into Action with New Track ‘Sick Dog’ + Debut EP Announcement!

ten56. - Downer Part 1

ten56. have been crushing our eardrums with their first two singles ‘Diazepam‘ and ‘Boy. Signed to Out of Line Records, the band quickly grabbed our attention as frontman Aaron Matts announced his departure from label partners Betraying the Martyrs and joined ten56. The band includes some big names in heavy music, including Arnaud Verrier of Uneven StructureNicolas Delestrade of Novelists FRLuka Garotin of Earth Trip and Quentin Godet of Kadinja. 

Well, the heavy hitters promised to be diverse in their new outfit, and they’ve certainly delivered that. ten56. have just released a brand new single/video titled ‘Sick Dog’ and have coupled it with the announcement of their six-track debut EP Downer Part 1 out November 25th, 2021.

The band’s third song is completely different to the brain-splatter you’ve heard from their last two hits. ‘Sick Dog’ is all about nu-deathcore. The instrumental pings case alongside Matts’ rap-verse before he blisters into unclean carnage. The band’s newly created signature blast-sound blends into the chaotic and crunchy bass and fuses with explosive insanity. With ‘Sick Dog’ alongside ‘Diazepam’ and ‘Boy’ (and even more to come soon), this EP is taking shape to one stupidly heavy release, and we love everything about it. 

We had to pull Matts aside for an exclusive chat about all things ten56., their new single, upcoming EP and whether there’s anything else cooking in the kitchen, check it out. 

Congrats on the huge breakthrough of ten56. Singles ‘Boy’ and ‘Diazepam’ have blown the socks off metalcore fans around the world. How would you describe the reception so far?

Thanks a lot mate! The reception has definitely surpassed our expectations, I mean, it’s difficult to really gauge how much the tracks are popping, ’cause of course we only have internet comments to go off right now, and no live shows to see how they do in a show setting; but honestly, we’re all stoked to see people talking about ten56.!

So what can you tell us about the new single and video for ‘Sick Dog’ that’s come out today?

When we put out Diazepam, we were sure to let people know that things would get very diverse throughout releases, and this track is probably the most extreme example of that; it’s something very different for all of us, but something that feels very natural too, it kind of just happened, we’re both apprehensive and excited to see how the track is received!

Is there anything special about this song that made it worthy as a single to couple with the band’s big EP announcement?

I’m gonna say yes; though although it wasn’t a conscious decision in itself to couple this particular track with the announcement, it was definitely a conscious decision to unravel and release the three singles in this order, just to show people that we’re not a one-trick pony.

You guys have obviously been working very hard on the upcoming EP that’s just been announced – how many tracks will be on that one and what will it sound like?

(Laughs) It’s been a grind man, but everyone’s been so on it that it’s just rolled out really smoothly and it’s honestly been the most enjoyable time I’ve personally had when writing and recording music. ‘Downer Part 1’ is a six track, and it’s supposed to sound bloody horrible, but we’ll let you guys be the judges of that!

Back when ten56. was launched a few months ago, I remember you clearly saying that the songs are really diverse and will sound very different to one another – how does this EP showcase that?

That wasn’t really the aim at the start but that’s really the way it turned out! Our sound is definitely there in each song, which we like to think is pretty unique, but we reckon that each track has something totally different from the next and we feel the we’ve ordered them in a way that takes the listener where we want them to be going when listening from front to back!

Going back a couple of steps to your departure from Betraying the Martyrs, obviously that was a big move and took fans by surprise – what led to the change?

It was for sure a big step for me, in hindsight it was a decision that probably dragged on a little bit too long and was a couple of years coming. What it ultimately came down to for me was a need for artistic freedom, there were a number of differences whether it be in terms of goals, musical direction, or often times even personality. I felt that I needed to do something that represents me as a person, and that represents my true musical tastes too; sometimes things go so fast and you can become comfortable with just going with the flow. I realised that I’d much rather be fully and truly integrated into something small, than be a guest in something bigger, you know what I mean? It’s all love, still.

Do you know if Betraying the Martyrs will continue to make music?

Oh, for sure! I’m not in a position to say too much of course, but I know they have a lot of things in store, and they’re not showing any signs of slowing down.

With the impending release of a ten56. EP, is this a sign that an LP is to one day come too?

We’re hoping the ‘Part 1’ is enough to offer a little bit of insight of what’s to follow, it’s perhaps not the most original statement to make at this point but, we’re not entirely sure about where we’ll be standing as far as the way our music is released considering the way we digest music is changing every two minutes (laughs). We’re more down to produce a steady flow of tracks that represent us well in that moment, that to sit on a twelve track for up to two years; plus I have absolutely no patience generally speaking.

Interview by Ricky Aarons @rickysaul90

ten56 is Aaron Matts (Vocals), Arnaud Verrier (Drums),
Nicolas Delestrade (Bass), Luka Garotin (Guitar) and Quentin Godet (Guitar).

Find them online at Facebook | Instagram and Twitter

Pre-order ten56.‘s debut EP Downer Part 1 here
Stream new song ‘Sick Dog’ here


ten56. – Downer Part 1 tracklisting

1. Exit Bag
2. Diazapam
3. Shitspitter
4. Sick Dog
5. Boy
6. Kimo

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