Amanaki Take a Stand with New Single ‘Leech’ with Luke Manson of Xile

Amanaki 2022

When we last caught up with New Zealand’s Amanaki, they had released their first single ‘Stand for Something off their upcoming melodic-hardcore EP Tempest. Luke Manson from fellow hardcore outfit Xile joins Amanaki to deliver a strong message in their new single ‘Leech,’ and I am keen to dive into it. 

On the new single, Amanaki comments: 

“There is no place for racist, sexist views and any form of hate speech. This thinking for us caused us to draw comparisons to a leech, during the songs conception. It’s time we all released the corrupt leech of any discrimination.”

Leech’ is short and tough, with a strong message behind it. Amanaki are here to tell the listener in brutal fashion that discrimination has no place in this world. The track features speedy hardcore aggression alongside harsh vocal delivery of powerful lyrics. You can feel the anger from the band, and it makes you feel angry with them.

Leech’ is a product of New Zealand hardcore legends channeling anger into a short yet strong track, which stands on its own. It’s a sign of the storm that’s coming with Amanakis EP Tempest due for release on the 4 November.

Words by Tyler Lubke (@Huntsman42156)

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Amanaki Tempest EP

Amanaki – Tempest EP tracklisting

1. Reset
2. Tumor
3. Leech (feat. Luke Manson of Xile)
4. Stand For Something
5. Stay
6. Scars (feat. Josh Smith)
7. Tempest