Dayseeker Unload ‘Dreamstate’ Ahead of Dark Sun


Get ready to cry, friends. Dayseeker have locked in their fifth record Dark Sun for November 4 via Spinefarm Records. The highly anticipated album will feature mindblowing singles ‘Neon Grave‘ and ‘Without Me‘. The Californian emotion bombers are touring extensively and just wound up their first ever Aussie tour with Thornhill on the Heroine tour, plus a headliner in Melbourne.

Rory Rodriguez is becoming known as the most beautiful voice of metalcore and Dayseeker are blowing the f*ck up. The band have this way about them of using their writing and execution to expel immense passion and intensity. A third single has now arisen called ‘Dreamstate’ and it maintains the high standard of their 2022 releases.

With a highly mixed intro, the Orange Country group ease into the track and get into their zone in all the time they need. Unlike ‘Without Me‘ where Rodriguez hit some unbelievable highs, this new one sees him follow on from his style on 2019’s Sleeptalk at that vocal level that’s just where his cleans meet his uncleans. As the track develops he heads to the dark side during a perfectly executed breakdown and then reverts back to his harmonic cleans. The entire band sound terrific and have really found comfort in their sound.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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Dayseeker – Dark Sun tracklisting

1. Dreamstate
2. Neon Grave
3. Without Me
4. Homesick
5. Midnight Eternal
6. Dark Sun
7. Quicksand
8. Paper Heart
9. Crying While You’re Dancing
10. Parallel
11. Afterglow (Hazel’s Song)

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