PREMIERE: We Go Local with Sydney Musician LLC and His Upbeat New Track ‘Limousine’

The Australian music scene is afloat with unforeseen and yet-to-be-uncovered talent. Easily the best way to catch a glimpse of Australia’s next best thing is to get out to your local music venue. After a shocking, challenging two years, venues around the country would love you even more for it.

This next act we’re premiering today, you might have seen his name around. Especially if you live in Sydney/Warrane. Having recently just completed a gig opening for Waxflower at everyone’s favourite Emo Night event, AM//PM, now longtime Sydney multi-instrumentalist and solo artist Lorenzo La Cava (who goes by his stage name LLC) is finally pulling everything he’s got with a brand new single — full band included!

Limousine‘ kinda catches you off guard with its infectious hooks reminding you of the good ol’ days. Its lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek demeanour is inspired by nostalgic giants Jimmy Eat World and Simple Plan, but Lorenzo’s here to remind us all that everyone, including our idols, got their start in a dingey dive bar tucked away in city streets.

To give us more of an insight into his slightly out-of-the-box career he’s built for himself, we grabbed a chat with Lorenzo to catch onto his unique perspective of the music world…

Hey LLC! I’ve seen your name about as an acoustic one-man act around the place. What sparked the urge to go full band for your new release?

Hey Tam! Well it all started back in 2002 (nah no time for original prequel backstories!). But since those initial days in high school playing with a band (not the flute & clarinet kind), I’ve always enjoyed the combination & collaboration between musicians/friends. And after playing in numerous bands till 2014, I thought solo acoustic was the ‘way out’. But only recently re-realised that the reason why I love performing is to do so with other like-minded people.

Tell us a little about your new track ‘Limousine’! It’s a very upbeat bouncy pop punk tune, but what’s the story behind it?

‘Limousine’ was originally written almost a decade ago (guess that’s why it sounds ‘nostalgic’?!) when I first went solo. But it has taken me a while to get ‘here’. The song was initially about having fun, going out on the town, cutting loose with mates. But ever since Sydney’s lockouts & Covid lockdowns, it’s taken on a new sentimental meaning. It acts as a poignant reminder of the passing of time!

Your DIY ethic is something that is needed more of in this “scene”. What’s your thoughts on how other upcoming artists can help grow the community?

Aww, thanks for saying so (let alone thinking it)! Sure have been around long enough to pick up a thing or two, but I’d say not limiting yourself or your beliefs to try and fit in a nicely understood box of expectations. In other words, be messy & learn from your mistakes. Let your personality & authenticity define your audience/genre. I’ve been chasing this ‘perfectionist’ trait for so long that it robbed my enjoyment of simply playing music for the fun of it! As long as it keeps YOU excited & invested, others will follow suit.

As a Sydney musician who then decided to venture off stateside DIY, I’m pretty inspired by your unique journey! What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt about yourself through those overseas experiences?

Likewise! Love watching your worldly travels through the lens of a passionate & persistent person who simply thrives off the music WE love. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt (or am still learning) is to have an open mind. Whether that’s with the people you meet, their opinions or the random bizarre (& oh-so-amazing) opportunities that appear when you push yourself out of your comfort zone. 

Busking in New York City always comes to mind, as I went from never wanting to play the guitar again to not wanting to put it down! Tough crowds & environments but it sure does make you stronger – if you allow it. Life can change in an instant, just depends on whether you’re receptive & ready for what the universe has in store!

Having just finished a tour with Waxflower and AM//PM, what else do you have in the pipeline for the rest of 2022?

Yeah, that was super fun to play a club show, as I’ve only done so solo which can be harder to impress. Especially to a liquored-up audience that wants to hear/feel emo-bangers from a band, opposed to an acoustic guitar with a loop pedal haha

I have my launch show (for my next single ‘Home Sweet Home’) coming up on November 18th @ The Townie to wrap up the year, while I focus on releasing these back catalogue self-produced tracks, from over the years with my mentor; Will Pugh (Cartel) in good ol’ Nashville. 

Do you have any final words of wisdom for our readers and growing fanbase?

Yes. Stay up-to-date & in contact with all your favourite artists/bands/publications (more than a follow or subscribe), cause without YOUR continual support, no amazing art or cool creativity would survive. So love thyself & care for one another!

Interview By Tamara May @citylightstam

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