Thrice Are Already Back with New Music, Here’s ‘Open Your Eyes and Dream’


Still daydreaming about Thrice‘s 2021 LP Horizons/East with hits like ‘Scavengers‘? When we chatted to vocalist Dustin Kensrue about the record, he gave us the lowdown on some of the tracks. When the album was released, the band shared whispers of a sister album called Horizons/West with little information to share.

Today Thrice have released original new song ‘Open Your Eyes and Dream‘ which we suspect will be part of the rumoured record. The four-minute track is tuned exactly like a Thrice song should with Kensrue diving in head-first to the crossover of deep bass and ambient riffs before the track explodes with a raw crescendo that extends across the song with high tension.

“It’s so very easy to believe that big systemic issues can’t change because we’ve lived with them our whole lives. But if you look back and zoom out a bit it’s easy to see that this feeling of permeance and inevitability is just an illusion. Most things seem impossible until they happen. This song is about opening our eyes to that reality, and being willing to dream something better into existence.” – Dustin

Will this be part of Horizons/West or something else completely? We’ll keep you posted.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘Open Your Eyes and Dreamhere

Thrice Open Up Your Eyes and Dream

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