In Flames Announces New Record Foregone with Melodeath Single ‘Foregone Pt. 1’

The modern In Flames sound is firming up sweetly in 2022. The Gothenburg group made a big return with new singles ‘State Of Slow Decay‘ and ‘The Great Deceiver‘ which has truly captivated the Swedes’ fans – new and old with the return to melodeath.

In Flames fans have had a bit to chew on since their last record I, The Mask with vocalist Anders Fridén on side-project If Anything, Suspcious and veteran ex-members on exceptional album The Halo Effect. The Scandinavian melodeath scene is well and truly bouncing at the moment and more is in the pipes for In Flames.

The Swedes have announced their fourteenth studio album Foregone. The album is out February 10, 2023 via Nuclear Blast. With the announcement comes new single ‘Foregone Pt. 1‘. Fans will be delighted that the melodeath revival continues from the prior two tracks and blends into this new one too. It’s vocally heavy throughout with an exceptional pace on guitar, drums etc., with everything tuned to their originating and very particular Gothenburg sound. There’s even a nice little guitar solo at the end for you to chomp into as well.

On the the new record Fridén comments:

Going into the Foregone sessions, we wanted to make a record that was heavily guitar-driven, and that had a strong foundation between the bass and drums. We still approached our songwriting the same way, as we always have, as a juxtaposition between melody and aggression. That’s the DNA of our music. From the lyrical end of things, there was no shortage of inspiration to draw from, especially the concept of time.

Humanity as a whole was forced to slow down and take breather. In that break, many of us spent time evaluating and reprioritising. Time is a constant, but what do we do with it and how we perceive it varies. Especially now looking at where the world seems to be headed faster than ever before.

It’s crazy that after everything we are still here and on our fourteenth album. I feel that we’ve found a great balance between the past, the present and the future with Forgone. This is a new era of In Flames!”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream In Flames – ‘Foregone Pt. 1‘ here

Pre-order Forgone here

In Flames Foregone Cover

In FlamesForegone tracklisting

1. The Beginning Of All Things
2. State Of Slow Decay
3. Meet Your Maker
4. Bleeding Out
5. Foregone Pt. 1
6. Foregone Pt. 2
7. Pure Light Of Mind
8. The Great Deceiver
9. In The Dark
10. A Dialogue In b Flat Minor
11. Cynosure
12. End The Transmission

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