In Flames Double-Down on Their Roots with ‘The Great Deceiver’

In Flames 2022

A new In Flames record is surely on the horizon, and we couldn’t be more ready. After three years since their studio album I, The Mask (featuring tracks like ‘Voices‘), the Swedes returned with brand new single ‘State Of Slow Decay‘. The release pleasantly surprised fans with its sheer heaviness and return to their nineties form, along with some new styles thrown into the mix.

Whether the inspiration came from vocalist Anders Fridén on his side-project If Anything, Suspcious or whether In Flames have observed the ex-members crushing it with some straight up melodeath with The Halo Effect – something has awoken the Gothenburg beast to return to their origins of sorts. Second single ‘The Great Deceiver‘ has now been birthed and continues on with their 2022 lead-single’s triumph.

Fridén leaps in with his melodeath-stylised unclean vocals, as the rest of the band sifts into a medley with tuning nodding to an era of many albums ago. Whilst In Flames showcase an aggressively heavier direction on ‘The Great Deceiver‘, they ensure their matured and developed direction is enveloped in between the technical mayhem. Folks, this is the return of In Flames that old-school fans have been yearning for.

On the new single, In Flames comments:

“‘The Great Deceiver’ was born out of frustration — basically a reaction to false flags. But since then, it has grown to represent several meanings. There’s a line that says ‘Bend the truth to fit your opinion,’ and we feel that speaks a lot to the narrative happening online, between people, and nations, etc., today. We are more apart now than ever before yet it’s easier to communicate than in any other time in history.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream In Flames – ‘The Great Deceiver‘ here

In Flames - The Great Deceiver

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