Introducing: SharpTone’s Latest Signing Foreign Hands and their Screamy Belter ‘Chlorine Tears’

Foreign Hands chlorine tears sharptone

We’re seeing a lot of dreams come true in the heavy music scene with indie labels like Greyscale and SharpTone Records leading the pack with their new signings – who are more than ready to dominate on an international scale – the latest addition to Sharpy’s roster is Delaware metalcore act Foreign Hands.

The band were signed earlier in the week alongside post-hardcore scene veterans Story of the Year and to celebrate the addition, they recorded a new song which we’re bringing to you today! ‘Chlorine Tears‘ is a slammer that combines raw screams with jarring riffs and borders around the metalcore/hardcore end of the genre spectrum. Produced by the KING Will Putney, this track serves as a gift to the world so we can get to know the band ahead of what they’ll do under their new home’s roof! Of course, you’ll know Putney from his main two bands Fit For An Autopsy and END, not to mention all your favourite heavy records he’s produced (more on that in our interview with him here).

On the new track, the band says:

“‘Chlorine Tears’ was written knowing we had to go into the studio to record, so there was definitely a little bit of pressure there. The song was written more collaboratively than we’d ever done before and ended up coming together fairly quickly once we had all hands on deck. Obviously, Will Putney is a massive name in heavy music – we’re all super familiar with his material, and were thrilled to get the opportunity to work with him on this track. Will grew up listening to a lot of the bands that we take influence from, so he was able to help us refine ‘Chlorine Tears’ while sticking true to our sound. The same can be said for the recording process: he brought out the best in each of us as we tracked our parts, and that really shows on the finished product.”

Need a new band in your life? You’re welcome!

Foreign Hands is Tyler Norris (vocals), Jack Beatson (guitar/vocals), Gill Gonzales (guitar), Chuck Minix (bass), and Tyler Washington (drums).

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