Orpheus Omega Start a New Chapter on ‘Within These Walls’ 

Orpheus Omega

Melburnian melodic death metalers Orpheus Omega have just unleashed lashing new single ‘Within These Walls‘ featuring musician Andy Gillion. The track comes on the back of their 2021 split-pop-punk cover EP with Triple Kill Career Suicide. Their most recent release that was a bit more serious was their 2019 record Wear Your Sins.

The Aussies have described the single as the start of a new chapter for them as a band. With an evolution beyond their typical melodeath style, Orpheus Omega explores other metallic styles on ‘Within These Walls‘, including a tonne of different elements including cleans as well as their hellish death composition and more.

On the new single, Orpheus Omega lead vocalist/lead guitarist Chris Themelco comments:

“Within These Walls encapsulates that rage we all experience when the sense of feeling trapped takes hold. The anger from restraint, the abject dread of failure and helplessness, then met with the most visceral sense of release when those chains are finally broken. When the walls are finally downed and the rubble clears and we see that there is a horizon we can walk toward and take back control of our path.

The song really came to life with Andy Gillion’s contribution to both the cinematic & rumbling orchestral soundscape – complimented further by his harrowing vocal performance and enigmatic and triumphant lead guitar work.

This song is a step forward in cementing the future of Orpheus Omega and bringing in a wider audience to the fold as we head toward this next chapter of the band.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Orpheus Omega – ‘Within These Walls‘ feat. Andy Gillion here

Orpheus Omega - Within These Walls

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