Fallujah Share Even Heavier Track ‘Soulbreaker’

Fallujah Empyrean tracklisting

Tech-death-heads rejoice! Fallujah‘s fifth album Empyrean is here in just over a month – September 9th, 2022 via Nuclear Blast to be exact. So far, the Californian metalers have shared with us monster singles ‘Radiant Ascension’ as well as ‘Embrace Oblivion‘ which have collectively wowed fans with their next chapter of heavy composition.

Fallujah dial it up even more from the last two tracks on ‘Soulbreaker‘ and deliver a blast-beat extravaganza across their signature oceanic tuning. At the mid-way point the tech-death-metalers go full-force so prepare yourself for the mayhem. Hands up for who simply cannot wait for Empyrean?!

On the new single, Scott Carstairs comments:

“Prepare to have your mind melted by our latest track ‘SOULBREAKER.’ This will be our third and final single from our monstrous record ‘Empyrean’ out on 9/9. ‘Soulbreaker’ is a psychedelic spiral into depravity, relentlessly beating you down with pissed off riffs and ethereal walls of sonic bliss. Try not to break your neck listening to this one.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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Out September 9th, 2022 via Nuclear Blast

Fallujah Empyrean tracklist

Fallujah – Empyrean tracklisting

1. The Bitter Taste Of Clarity
2. Radiant Ascension
3. Embrace Oblivion
4. Into The Eventide
5. Eden’s Lament
6. Soulbreaker
7. Duality Of Intent
8. Mindless Omnipotent Master
9. Celestial Resonance
10. Artifacts

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