Goatwhore Unleash ‘Born of Satan’s Flesh’ and Announce Blasphemous New Album

Goatwhore are set to add to what has been a banner year for extreme dark metal with the announcement of their first album in five years Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven, set for release on October 7th via Metal Blade Records.

On the news, vocalist Louis Ben Falgoust II says:

“I would describe this record as being very raw, but clarity is shaped within the chaos… It’s a journey of everything we’ve done and some new approaches as we advance forward. When we write, we mainly focus on the music and what we enjoy about playing it. We don’t write just to appease others. We want to enjoy playing it in a live setting as well, especially night after night on the road.”

The announcement has been accompanied by the similarly blasphemous single ‘Born of Satan’s Flesh’, a demonic slice of full on blackened thrash metal. Twenty five years into their career and the New Orleans band aren’t holding back. It’s a straight up brutal track for the full four minutes, with Falgoust bellowing in his guttural style and guitarist Sammy Duet adding his own rasp to this duet. The solo shreds, the rhythm section sounds tight and there’s no doubt Satan himself is humming this riff while he is barbecuing this weekend.

The video captures the band in a well-lit but abandoned building, which is ace for watching these guys cut loose. Check it out below.

Words by KJ Draven (Twitter and Instagram)

Pre-Order Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven here.

Goatwhore – Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven tracklisting

1. Invocation 3
2. Born Of Satan’s Flesh
3. The Bestowal Of Abomination
4. Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven
5. Death From Above
6. Ruinous Liturgy
7. Victory Is The Lightning Of Destruction
8. Voracious Blood Fixation
9. The Devil’s Warlords
10. Weight Of A Soulless Heart
11. Nihil
12. And I Was Delivered From The Wound Of Perdition

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