Polyphia Play With Intricacies on New Track ‘Neurotica’

Now that it’s the weekend and you’re not dedicating your brain power towards work, you’ll have time to digest Polyphia’s new track ‘Neurotica’! This is the second track from the genre-bending instrumental band’s fourth studio album, Remember That You Will Dieand it’s well worth many listens.

Polyphia have built their career by blending intricate guitar riffs with hip-hop rhythms, bass-heavy trap music, and progressive metal and rock influences, and every track they release is incredibly unique. ‘Neurotica’ for example, has guitar melodies that almost imitate vocal melodies, if you zone out enough you could almost hear someone singing to this track in areas. The drums provide accents to the guitars and bass so delicately, and they make the simple sound complex, and the complex sound simple. Polyphia have mastered groove, intricacy, and balance oh so perfectly.

For the music video, Polyphia teamed up with multidisciplinary artist Nusi Quero, who is most known for his designed 3D-printed corsets and his work with Beyonce, Grimes, Chloe Bailey, and even Kylie Jenner, among others. He designed one-of-a-kind face masks, and guitar, bass, and drum armour for the band, which adds a visual layer of intricacy.

Now, we don’t have any official details about the band’s forthcoming album, but you can pre-order it here.

Words by Ebony Story @ebonyrose.s

Listen to ‘Neuroticahere

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