Disturbed Return To Form With Heavy New Single ‘Hey You’

Disturbed Hey You

It’s been a long five years since Disturbed released comeback record Evolution, with five years not uncommon between previous albums. With David Draiman returning to Twitter recently and the band teasing a new album for a while, today is finally the day we get to here what new-age Disturbed sounds like.

Originating in Chicago, Disturbed have climbed the rungs of heavy metal for the past couple of decades and are now one of the biggest heavy rock bands out there. To start their next chapter, they’ve released lead-single ‘Hey You‘ which will capture your attention instantly, especially if you’ve been waiting for their return to form.

On socials, Draiman comments:

“It’s a wake up call. We’ve become our own worst enemies. Civil discourse has become the exception instead of the norm. People have lost themselves in outrage addiction.”

The band have also shared that a new album will be out this year, but let’s focus on this new song. The five-minute single kicks in with riffs that immediately yell Indestructible. Draiman channels his angsty gruff uncleans that defined where Disturbed started from, and apparently where they might be returning to. ‘Hey You‘ is packed with early era signature tuning with constant riffage on the forefront, and whilst Draiman reverts to a clean vocal chorus, it absolutely works with the rhythm of the track. The “too many of us” bridge truly encapsulates some of the raw infancy of this band that the world came to fall in love with.

Could this be the return of Disturbed for their O.G. heavy fans? Possibly.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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