Oceans Ate Alaska Suddenly Appear with ‘New Dawn’

Oceans Ate Alaska 2022

There is certainly something in the waters that’s reviving a lot of metalcore bands that have been on ice for quite a while, and one of them are Oceans Ate Alaska. As you probably know I like keeping count of time between records, and the Birmingham group haven’t released a full-length album since Hikari in 2017 – five long years. Since then, they released two standalone singles, ‘Shape of my Heart‘ in 2018 and ‘Metamorph‘ in 2020.

Despite the long gaps between new music releases, Oceans Ate Alaska have kept fans satisfied through means of touring, but they’re about to be even more satisfied today. After weeks of teasing, the five-piece have finally dropped brand new tune ‘New Dawn‘. We’re yet to find out whether or not it’ll be another standalone feature, or the start of a new album-cycle.

Regardless, let’s jump into ‘New Dawn‘ – pay attention too, ’cause if you blink you’ll miss it. The less-than-two-minute track is immediately heavier than what anyone would expect and is actually better described as deathcore than metalcore. The chugging, drums and unclean vocal combination is astounding and has you imagining Oceans Ate Alaska going “how heavy can we make this?” It leaves you wondering what else they’ve got in the works.

On the new single, vocalist James Harrison comments:

“Does a new day bring light or darkness to those who endure? Within the past two years, our world has changed significantly, and so have we. While biding our time since the last single (‘Metamorph’), we’ve faced adversity and loss, yet also joyous moments as a band. ‘New Dawn’ epitomizes the death of what you once believed to be true.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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Oceans Ate Alaska New Dawn review

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