Grey Daze Complete Wholesome Creation of the Phoenix Docu-Series

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Make sure you have a tissue nearby as you watch Grey Daze’s fourth and final part of their documentary series, and they’ve saved the most heartfelt moment of the experience for last. The series, called Creation of the Phoenix takes us into the studio sessions of the band’s latest release, The Phoenix, with the final episode paying respects and honouring the late Chester Bennington, with his daughters Lily and Lila Bennington recording their parts that featured on the track ‘Hole‘.

Watching the girls in the studio sing lyrics that were written by their father honestly made my heart so full, that it’s pretty hard not to shed a tear or two. What a beautiful moment, especially as the series ends with a round of cheers and toasts to Chester.

If you haven’t already yet, go and give The Phoenix a spin this weekend and hear how Chester is still well and truly a part of Grey Daze. You can also revisit our chat with drummer Sean Dowdell here

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Listen to The Phoenix here

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Grey Daze – The Phoenix tracklisting

1. Saturation (Strange Love)
2. Starting To Fly
3. Be Your Man
4. Holding You (featuring Dave Navarro)
5. Hole (featuring Lily and Lila Bennington)
6. Drag
7. Believe Me (featuring Richard Patrick)
8. Anything Anything
9. Spin
10. Wake Me

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