NIK NXC (Nik Nocturnal) Swings Again at Trap Metal With ‘Industry’

NIK NXC Industry review

You’ve probably clicked here because you’re a subscriber to metalcore/deathcore reaction YouTuber Nik Nocturnal, one of our most trusted advisors in the scene. Nocturnal is a musician himself and has been doing some really cool stuff recently, and it’s a mixed bag of releases! A little while ago, he teamed up with Lorna Shore‘s Will Ramos for a cover of Chelsea Grin ‘Recreant‘, which was pretty sick, and some even said it sounded better than the original. On the other side of the spectrum, he’s releasing a series of new trap-metal tunes under the moniker NIK NXK, with the first one from a little while ago, titled ‘Isolation‘.

Fast-forward to today and NIK NXK has chucked a second tune into the mix, suggesting perhaps an experimental EP in the works? The new track is called ‘Industry‘ and follows suit from ‘Isolation‘, both singles spanning just a couple of minutes. With somewhat corny “F*uck the industry* lyrics, it’s hard to ascertain how serious Nocturnal is taking the project, or whether they just fit well sonically. Nik is on vocals again and actually delivers some really awesome uncleans that fit well with the low and clean riffs and tight breakdowns he delivers. Following the emerging wave of nu-deathcore NIK NXC has certainly delivered something unique here.

On ‘Industry‘, NIK NXC comments:

“‘Industry’ isn’t directed at anyone specific. It’s just the long-told tale of artists getting absolutely destroyed by parts of the music industry – that make them give up any unique talent and potential they have to live their dream – in exchange for broken promises that further grow the power the industry has on artists.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream NIK NXC – ‘Industry‘ here

NIK NXC Industry

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