Nik Nocturnal Reveals ‘Isolation’, New Trap Metal Project Under NIK NXK Moniker

NIK NXC Isolation review

Still wiping the tears from your eyes after metalcore/deathcore reaction YouTuber Nik Nocturnal teamed up with Lorna Shore‘s Will Ramos for their Chelsea GrinRecreant‘ cover? Well, while you wait for some brand new Lorna Shore (coming very soon, we promise), Nocturnal (with nearly 580k subscribers) has a brand new single for you to check out.

Interestingly, unlike his previous releases on streaming platforms, Nik has dropped his latest single under a new moniker NIK NXK which he seemingly is reserving for trap metal releases, with the first one titled ‘Isolation‘. Lasting less than two minutes, ‘Isolation‘ has Nocturnal taking on vocals behind a hard-hitting trap-beat that isn’t all that dissimilar to the vibe on the latest nu-deathcore releases.

Here’s how Nik Nocturnal has described the new project/single:

“As an instrumentalist, I got sick of waiting for vocalists to send me tracks – and, I see Trap Metal artists release songs that they recorded on a Nokia with a $20 copyright-free-trap-beat, which often surpasses metal bands’ monthly listeners. I thought, ‘Why not try this myself – but with better production’. So, I decided to be the vocalist finally – to scream over 808’s and disgustingly heavy riffs.”

Stream NIK NXC – ‘Isolationhere

NIK NXC Isolation

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