She Cries Wolf Unleashes Three-Track EP “I” with Summit Distro/AVVC Vinyl Collab

It’s a good day to be a heavy music fan because Brisbane core kings She Cries Wolf have unveiled their brand new three-track EP I and announced a special collaboration for its vinyl pressing between the lords at Summit Distro and Anti Vinyl Vinyl Club!

Stream She Cries Wolf‘s I EP right here
vinyl pre-orders open at 4pm today via Summit Distro and AVVC 

The new surprise drop comes three years after the release of their 2019 album Liar and could potentially be the start of a series of short burst releases given the solid title of just simply I. In the past, bands like Antagonist A.D. and The Acacia Strain drip-fed EPs and this could be a similar venture, or maybe they just wanted to keep things short and sweet. The band will also be playing a launch show in celebration of today’s drop at the zoo in Brisbane on July 2nd. Tickets here!

We grabbed frontman Luke Harriss to discuss the release and while he didn’t share any more information about potential future releases, he did give us a track-by-track rundown of each new song – to put you in his mind and take you behind his method to the madness of the writing process. Check it out below and get streaming!

‘The Beggar’s Wall’

Over the course of my life, I have really struggled with my stance on spirituality, being content with myself and overall direction. Never feeling like enough, always striving for perfection. Whilst writing this song I felt like I was really drawing out some of those instances and experiences. Sharing my own feelings, whilst commenting on the human condition we all feel. Personally, I have felt better than ever over recent years and attribute this to now believing that perfection is an unachievable horizon, that should always be strived for but never attained.

‘Timeless Tragedy’

She Cries Wolf is approaching 9 years as a band. Including previous ventures, I’ve been heavily involved within music for more than half of my life now. In that time; I have felt love and hate within the creative realms, performance and from those who have observed. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t do this for myself, but in those times where doubt or negativity has set in, it has been the love and support of others that drives me. Thank you and please continue to do so.


In October of 2016, I had a very severe battle with mental illness and fortunately won. This was the result of many sleepless nights caused by circumstances that were predominantly outside of my control. I gave into the darkness and completely unravelled. It was during this time that I truly found out who within my circle understood me and appreciated me for the right reasons. Surprisingly quickly (in hindsight) and with the help of others, I was able to bury that version of myself and move forward. In doing so; I now instinctively recognise others who have struggled, continue to struggle and those who are feigning.

She Cries Wolf is Luke Harriss (vocals), Kyal Franklin (guitar), Luke Gallow (drums), Jayden Barr (guitar) and Daniel Beli (bass).

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