Aburden Are Back with New Lineup and Punchy Single ‘Endgame’

Many of us may have shed a tear back in 2019 when Aburden announced their hiatus… But those tears can end because the band are officially back! The group returns with a few fresh faces, new outlooks and are as driven as ever.

Prior to the band’s almost three year break, they were fast becoming known as the ones to keep your eye on within the alternative music space. Initiating the band’s newest era, we have been blessed with a new song titled ‘Endgame’, which introduces us to Aburden‘s newest members, Matt McKinnon (drums) and Harry Mackley (guitar/vocals) who have both managed to incorporate their own fresh and unique ideas into the new track following the departure of Kylan Ridings and Kyle Burrows, both who had a tremendous impact on making this band the entity that it is today.

On the new track, the band has explained:

“The single itself is a pretty big shift in a new direction for us. It’s a lot heavier than anything Aburden have released previously but we still tried to keep some moments feeling familiar for existing fans. We recorded it with Evan Lee and Ash Daws at The Loud Noise Estate who also did The Last Goodbye.”

Staying true to the band’s spoken word and emotive hardcore roots, vocalist Mason Forster really manages to captivate listeners as he changes the ebbs and flows of his rhymes. New guitarist/vocalist Harry Mackley takes this first single as his opportunity to prove his worth to older fans as he manages to produce some very contagious hooks throughout the chorus. The track concludes with a particularly heavy breakdown, which is a completely new dynamic for this class act.

Stay tuned for what else they’ve been working on and get to know the new Aburden below!

Words by Adam Rice

Aburden is Mason Forster (Vocals/Keys), Matt McKinnon (Drums), Jordan Guiliani (Bass),
Ben Dordevic (Guitar) and Harry Mackley (Vocals/Guitar)

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