Reside Release ‘Palace’ with Bloom’s Jono Hawkey

If you’ve been missing frontman Liam Guinane’s vivacious and groovy dance moves on stage you witnessed when the band opened for Columbus‘ final send off last month, the cure has finally arrived.

A song that made its live debut all over the east coast recently, ‘Palace’ is finally here for you to reimagine and embrace in your own time and space. Beginning with a steady, comprehensive build-up of synth electronic beats, it marks the band’s progression down the alternative/emo route. Taking inspiration from arena-sized acts Bring Me the Horizon and Underoath, this is Reside at their strongest yet.

Of the song, vocalist Liam Guinane highlights:

“What starts as a feel-good, club disco inspired number turns abruptly into a cathartic slap in the face, questioning whether this place is really good for us in the long term. Heavily mirroring the initial feelings of what used to be satisfying downtime, the track lyrically moves through waves of paranoia and mental autopilot, to then being resuscitated to a cold, harsh reality, shaking and begging you to ‘wake up’.

‘Palace’ is uplifted on its head towards the finish line when Bloom vocalist Jono Hawkey absolutely crushes it with his starkly juxtaposed vocals against the smooth rhythms of the song’s overall essence. It is rather an enchanting piece of music that’ll dance through your mind as you listen over and over.

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Listen to ‘Palace’ here

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