Lorna Shore Just Released New Music! This is ‘Sun//Eater’, Reveals Pain Remains Record

Lorna Shore 2022

Update: With the release of ‘Sun//Eater‘, Lorna Shore have also revealed that it’ll feature on their forthcoming record Pain Remains, scheduled for October, 2022 via Century Media Records, – with more details coming soon.

Lorna Shore Pain Remains

Lorna Shore have become one of the most hyped deathcore bands on the planet. From the moment ‘To The Hellfire‘ was debuted, not only did Will Ramos become a heavy music celebrity, but deathcore became known to the curious outside of the metal realm. The New Jersey founded band backed themselves with their …And I Return To Nothingness EP (our review here) and ever since they’ve been heavily touring in a post-COVID landscape.

Frontman Ramos has been keeping busy with one-take vocal recordings on his Patreon along with awesome vocal covers, the most recent being a Chelsea GrinRecreant‘ cover, collaborating with Nik Nocturnal (who just dropped ‘Isolation‘ under the NIK NXC moniker).

As always, we digress. Today, we are bursting at the seams to share some big news.


To elaborate on this huge news, the banger that Lorna Shore has recently played on tour is called ‘Sun//Eater‘, and you might want to sit down before you buffer the heaven of it.

On the new single Ramos comments:

“We’re so happy so be able to put out something different and new that further exemplifies who we’ve become as individuals and as a whole. This song/album really brings together everything that we’ve been working towards being and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all.”

The six-minute song starts off with the same orchestral undertone to that of the …And I Return To Nothingness tracks with Ramos emerging from the darkness early alongside some hectic blast-beats.

The verse encountered in the opening three-minutes will completely stop you in your tracks. Why? Because the production alone will make you cry happy tears, the deathcore grooves will make you move your shoulders like a drunk uncle at a wedding, and the surprise breakdown in this first half will widen your pupils.

The mid-section is packed with technical riffs, and then it begins; the build-up. Hold onto your seats folks, Lorna Shore are preparing for a disgusting end. Ramos outdoes himself once again on this earth-shattering breakdown, and Austin Archey on drums will send you to another dimension.

I need a glass of water.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Lorna Shore – ‘Sun//Eaterhere
To feature on Pain Remains, out October, 2022

Lorna Shore Sun Eater review

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