Children Of Bodom Shares Their Truth on Late ex-Frontman Alexi Laiho + Their Disbandment

Children Of Bodom 2022

Finnish melodic death metalers Children Of Bodom have undergone a tumultuous few years. After breaking up in 2019 due to an explanation at the time regarding all but one member wanting to stop touring for family reasons, frontman Alexi Laiho formed a new band called Bodom After Midnight. Not too long after, Laiho passed away on 29 December, 2020  due to liver degeneration, resulting from years of alcohol abuse. 

Several years on and the three surviving Children Of Bodom members have now posted to social media, sharing a recent exclusive interview with HS –Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s largest subscription newspaper, to tell their side of the story, referring to their version of events in terms of why the band broke up when they did.

In the article, the band details why the world were misled in terms of why they broke, sharing:

“Alexi was the only one to do interviews about the band breaking up, and his versions diverged from the truth.”

With their opportunity to open up on their version of the truth, the surviving members have shared the following:

“The fans have a right to know what happened. The reason for the breakup was not that.”

HS writer Vesa Sirén details what the band shared in terms of why Children of Bodom really broke up. As quoted from HS:

The ultimate reason for the end was Laiho’s substance abuse, which is what eventually killed him a year after the band broke up. The death certificate mentions liver fatty degeneration and adipose tissue formation in the pancreas. There were also opioids in his system.

The band elaborates:

Addiction is an illness, and he destroyed our trust in him with his actions in our business venture. But he apologised for a lot of things, and we did work together even after the band broke up.”

Whilst the band appears to feel cathartic in sharing their side of the story, the article makes it clear that it was not all negative energy between them and Laiho, the tensions were largely related to substance use, sharing comments like:

“He was really positive and happy when he was sober,” and “He was fun and relaxed, he liked to watch comedy. He would cackle at Seinfeld at the back of the bus.”

Read the full interview with HS –Helsingin Sanomat here.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90

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