Boston Manor Drop Moody AF New Single ‘Foxglove’

boston manor 2022 foxglove

In October last year, Boston Manor surprise released their DESPERATE TIMES DESPERATE PLEASURES EP and it kinda/sorta made up for all the shit we went through over the two years prior and it seems like that motivational train is still thundering down the tracks as the guys debut a new song for us all!

Foxglove‘ is moody as hell with frontman Henry Cox‘s charisma shining through his delivery with a tasty breakdown section that has a razor sharp synth sound that’ll draw you in and have you hitting replay before you even know what’s going on. It has an old school You Me At Six vibe too, so if you’ve been missing that signature sound from the band, maybe Boston Manor will fill that void in your life!

On the new single Henry says:

“We’re in a cool spot in our writing at the moment where we’re all reaching for the same thing. We’re able to get to the root of an idea quite quickly. This one is kinda woozy with a weird groove that you can dance to. It’s about losing your grip on things and starting to feel the train coming off the tracks. The video was a lot of fun to shoot, it spanned several nights across the North West of England hanging out of a box truck with a camera strapped to me.”

As a come and go fan, I really loved this single and can’t wait to see what else the boys have to show.

Stream ‘Foxglovehere

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