Reimagined: We Came As Romans x Brand of Sacrifice On ‘Darkbloom’

WCAR BOS review

The metalcore x deathcore collab of the year might’ve just arrived and you’ve found the right place to experience it. Over the past year or so We Came As Romans has released ‘Darkbloom‘, ‘Black Hole‘ feat. Beartooth‘s Caleb Shomo and ‘Daggers‘ feat. Zero 9:36, all which we imagine is all leading up to an imminent EP/album announcement. With two of these three singles sporting guest features, the Michigan outfit obviously had a void to fill on the debut release of the three.

In the past little while, We Came As Romans have been teasing a collab with new age deathcore group Brand of Sacrifice (see tweet below from February, 2022).

Brand of Sacrifice got a lot of attention last year with their sophomore album release Lifeblood, and at the time of release we chatted to guitarist Michael Leo Valeri all about it (read the interview here). Since then, the Toronto/Manhattan band dropped ‘Lifeblood‘ reinvented, featuring the one and only Lorna Shore‘s Will Ramos, as well as new single ‘Enemy‘ with Underoath‘s Spencer Chamberlain.

Ahead of the collab, fans are visibly going wild, with several getting related tattoos of the single before they even hear it.

Well, the release is finally here and it’s everything you hoped for it to be. The ‘Darkbloom‘ intro commences but with an ominous operatic undertone as Brand of Sacrifice vocalist Kyle Anderson growls “I am Darkbloom“. We Came As Romans are remixed compared to the original, but Brand of Sacrifice bleeds throughout with a deathcore flavour, covering all the uncleans with an extra layer of down-tuned hell that makes this song so much heavier. The final breakdown is something that might pop a blood vessel in your eye. 

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream We Came As Romans x Brand of Sacrifice – ‘Darkbloom‘ Reimagined here

WCAR BoS Darkbloom reimagined review

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