Paledusk Unloads Eclectic ‘BBB’ Single feat. Singer Such

Paledusk BBB Review

If you’re still recovering from the excitement of Alpha Wolf‘s Metalcore Snitches tour lineup, you might have been delving into the back catalogue of Japanese Greyscale Records artist Paledusk, who have been roaring onto the scene. Paledusk recently dropped single ‘SLAY!!‘ with local rapper Hideyoshi on the back of their 2020 EP HAPPY TALK (our review here), as well as their series of 2021 singles (namely ‘BLACK ICE‘, ‘TOPPA‘, ‘WIND BACK‘ and ‘LEAVE ME OUT‘).

The Fukuoka-bred band have now dropped a new single titled ‘BBB‘, featuring singer Such. The track kicks in with Paledusk‘s signature EDM-infused math-metalcore style with an unsteady rhythm to get your attention. Such shares lovely clean vocals as Paledusk vocalist KAITO shows his vocal range across the instrumentally diverse track. As always, it’s awesome to hear a guest feature span across the track as opposed to a ten-second bit. A cut-up breakdown sits at the end of ‘BBB’, bringing some more electricity to the song.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Paledusk ‘BBB’ feat. Such. here

Paledusk BBB review

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